Confidante Team

Confidante’s formal training, expertise and experience includes undergraduate and graduate degrees and course studies in psychology, law, human behavior psychology and organizational psychology, human resources and business administration. Additionally, Confidante has a strong referral network of service providers13099786_m and we are able to pull together teams of experts in related fields to form rapid response teams.  Network services include safety/security professionals, HR consulting, outsourcing and forensic technology, outplacement and psychiatric/psychological consultations.


Bobbi Lambert, Ph.D., Principal, Confidante, Inc.

Dr. Lambert holds a doctorate in Human Behavior/Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She develops customized intervention strategies and resolution processes to address the full range of workplace complaints from simple disagreements to all forms of harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation and workplace violence. With her colleagues, Dr. Lambert conducts workplace harassment and discrimination investigations, critical incident interventions and crisis management, coaching, and training as well as post-traumatic incident recovery assistance and counseling. She provides Ombuds services in regard to whistle-blowing and sensitive workplace complaint reports, triages issues between employees and management, and provides workplace mediation and facilitation to address interpersonal and business conflicts.


Dr. Lambert has successfully managed complex and dangerous workplace violence cases and assessed company practices to prevent and manage workplace violence incidents. Over the past 16 years, she has reviewed and analyzed over 1,000 incident reports and conducted research to identify patterns and trends. She has also conducted extensive hiring and employee retention research. She developed “best practice” programs to address systemic changes to prevent workplace disruptions and productivity loses through improved hiring and performance management practices. Research inquiries were directed toward adherence to corporate values, observable patterns of behavior prior to policy violations, impact on coworkers and customers, improved use of performance evaluations and progressive discipline, and overall performance management, hiring and retention practices.


Norman Plummer, Esq., Principal, Confidante, Inc.

Mr. Plummer is an attorney with extensive corporate, labor, employment and worker’s compensation experience. He has provided loss prevention counsel for major business liability and workers’ compensation insurance carriers, as well as private organizations. He has specialized experience in threat assessment, workplace violence prevention, third party investigations 10250130_mand employment law. He has assisted many organizations in planning and implementing safer, more productive and harmonious work environments. Mr. Plummer’s experience has allowed him to develop expertise and insights into the personalities and behaviors that contribute to disharmonious, non-productive and unsafe workplaces. He has applied his knowledge and experience to the development of successful methods for preventing, defusing, mediating and facilitating the resolution of problematic employment-related situations for clients and their counsel.


Mr. Plummer leads the programs which provide workplace and employment related investigative and litigation avoidance services to Confidante’s attorney and business clients.  He has conducted numerous complex third-party workplace investigations and assisted employers and their counsel with development of strategies for resolution of human resources issues, including discrimination, harassment, threats and violence.  Mr. Plummer is an experienced researcher and writer who participated in multi-site, multi-year projects in the areas of workplace violence, employee retention and hiring that led to the development of comprehensive workplace violence programs and hiring/performance management guides, including policies, procedures and processes. He also developed innovative interview and assessment tools and techniques to collect information critical to the maintenance of safe and productive working environments.