Hiring, Retention, Termination

People decisions are among the most important, time consuming and expensive choices made in the workplace today. They often have long lasting and far-reaching business performance consequences. Confidante’s fifteen years of research into these core processes have yielded a wealth of valuable best practices. When coupled with the 10824492_mexperience gained from countless worksite interventions designed to resolve unsettling, disruptive and volatile behaviors, our abilities to employ effective resolution strategies has been greatly enhanced. Our experience has confirmed that many organizations are overly positive about how they are performing in their decisions to hire, keep or release employees. Confidante has developed methods for evaluating, measuring and fine tuning management retention decisions that can positively impact business performance. Consistent adherence to company policies and procedures, and effective utilization of tools and training can also be measured and improved in most cases.


Our research has shown that over 85% of the time, disruptive and costly incidents that occur because of hiring, retention and termination errors are predictable and preventable. However, quite frequently, organizations struggle with disruptive behaviors and performance management issues before they ask these key questions: “Why did we hire this person and why is this person still working here?”6711653_l


We’ve developed the systems and we can provide your organization with an objective measurement of how well you are managing your workforce and, if practical, we’ll work with you in developing and adapting best practices to improve accountability, team work and profitability.     Back to Services…