Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

We offer diverse and comprehensive services that include timely and sensitive interventions and situation management to prevent potentially dangerous circumstances from escalating into violence. We also develop Workplace Violence Policies and response plans to establish and maintain zero-tolerance environments and to address, assess, manage and de-escalate potential threats should they occur.

Our services include prevention program development, participation on threat assessment teams, violence probability assessments, telephone and on-site situation response, and triage with psychiatric and security professionals. We also provide termination support, post-incident debriefing sessions for individuals and groups as well as assistance with obtaining restraining orders in both domestic and workplace violence situations.

Third Party Investigations

Confidante consultants assure timely, thorough and unbiased investigative processes to assist clients and their counsel with complaints, including sexual harassment or misconduct, discrimination, bullying, hostile work environment, workplace violence and retaliation. We are experienced investigators and interviewers with broad-based behavioral and communication skills which enable us to successfully assess the underlying issues in complex human interactions and effectively resolve multifaceted workplace complaints and concerns.

Confidante also provides employers and counsel with comprehensive written reports that clearly articulate the facts, findings, conclusions, and our recommendations regarding workplace misconduct. We can also provide declarations, affidavits, and testimony in support of efforts to obtain issuance of restraining orders, protective orders and in litigation.

Hiring and On-Boarding

Hiring the most qualified candidates with the skills and ability to perform at high levels of productivity and also demonstrate a strong positive match for the behavioral and cultural needs of our clients, is our priority during the recruitment and hiring process. We are experienced interviewers and are well qualified to uncover and identify potential problematic personalities or behaviors that could lead to future challenges. We often utilize Arch Assessment and other similar tools to assist in this process which we have found to provide valuable insights.

After years of experience and research, we were able to determine that many of the employees who eventually present the greatest behavioral challenges and threats to the workplace never should have been hired. It’s our goal to prevent this from occurring. We are also available to assist with the development or restructure of job descriptions and assure the successful on-boarding and integration of new hires into the workforce.

Executive Coaching

Leadership styles need careful and thoughtful development, with periodic opportunities to “take the pulse” of staff through workplace assessments and interventions. Confidante works with managers and leaders, individually and/or as a group, to ascertain strengths and weaknesses with the goal of capitalizing on strengths while bolstering the weaker areas. We often utilize proven tools and techniques as well as interviews with co-workers or managers to optimize the possibility of successful coaching interventions.

We take a collaborative and pragmatic approach to developing coaching relationships and providing learning opportunities for leaders that translate into positive business results. We integrate behavioral psychology and emotional intelligence skill building with strategic business priorities with the goal of inspiring executives to make behavioral changes that will positively impact themselves and others while increasing business results and performance.

Working with Trauma and Healing

Most of us have been impacted by trauma in some form or another. Whether big or small, unresolved trauma can damage personal and professional relationships, threaten your health and well-being and negatively impact the quality of your life. Yet by understanding and balancing the effects of trauma, you have the power to heal and feel safe again. In her debut book, Dr. Lambert weaves together her powerful personal story of reconciling trauma in her own life with inspiring client stories from her 35-year career.

If you are facing new trauma professionally or personally, or are ready to confront past trauma and make positive change, this book will guide you to recognize and overcome obstacles to living a full, free and meaningful life while providing you with scientific truisms and tools to heal from your own experiences of trauma.