Praise for Dr. Lambert’s debut book: from trauma to healing: SEEKING SOLACE AND SAFE PLACES TO FALL

“As a primary care physician in practice for over 30 years, I often treat the symptoms of emotional trauma—heart palpitations, chest pain, depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea and the like—rather than offering anything that’s really effective at healing the wounds of trauma, other than time. Dr. Lambert’s book spells out clear avenues to healing from deep trauma that are available to everyone, regardless of the type of trauma experienced or the sufferer’s background or resources. Rather than relying on medications to relieve emotional and related physical pain and suffering, this book offers the reader roadmaps to transforming trauma to new and empowering perspectives, allowing us to regain control of fear, see obstacles as a means to new and valuable awareness, and imagine the possibilities of wholeness, acceptance, and unconditional love. Understanding how to redirect a life of fear, anger, and self-defeating thoughts into one of hope, balance, purpose, and peace may be just pages away.”

–James C. Gardner, MD, Author of Overcoming Anxiety, Panic and Depression; New Ways to Regain Your Confidence (2000), Phobias and How to Overcome Them; Understanding and Beating Your Fears (2005) and The Anxiety Toolbox Program; The Comprehensive, Integrative Approach to Overcoming Anxious Emotions (2017). 

“I found myself enthralled as well as horrified by many of the stories Dr. Lambert shares. They catalyzed my own memories, and I was able to re-examine them and still find new learning and relevance today. These are challenging and traumatic times for so many. It may just be the perfect moment to embark on this inner journey.”

“Dr. Lambert’s specific, relevant, and beautiful use of language will capture you, the reader. Her words will continue to invite you to her story. You will identify Bobbie’s words as they engage you and lead you to your “safe place.’”

“This book found me at a time when I needed it most. It gave me inspiration to reach out to someone I lost touch with. It was tough to do, but through the words of wisdom and raw personal experience the author shares, I found the courage. This book also gave me strength and a safe place to fall within myself and walk away from relationships and “roles” that didn’t fulfill me any longer. Everyone deserves a safe place to fall, you just might find it in the pages of this book.”

Publisher: Modern Wisdom Press

Release date: October 28th, 2020

Number of pages: 210

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