Workplace Threats and Violence

Confidante consultants have made a specialty of assisting organizations that have 398366_lexperienced threats of violence or actual violent acts in their work environments. Our firm has established a high priority response policy for problems of this nature. Over the years we have learned that the timeliness of the response is paramount in limiting the negative aftermath of these troublesome events. Our goal is always to re-establish safety in the workplace and defuse the negative emotions of those persons who were directly affected by the wrongful behavior. The more rapidly we can establish an atmosphere of “business as usual,” the shorter the duration of disruption for the work force will be.


We follow by assessing the nature of any remaining threat and suggesting methods for maintaining a violence free environment. Simultaneously we will help you manage the post-incident interventions for assuring that a fair and neutral finding of the relevant facts behind the incident can be established. Then, based on those find10804766_lings, a well-reasoned resolution and ancillary employment decisions can be planned and executed. Once we know the facts concerning what triggered the behavior, we can work with you to adopt proactive prevention strategies aimed at creating enhanced safety for your work force.


We provide individual threat assessment, incident response and management, and post-incident recovery interventions as well as proactive organizational risk assessments and prevention strategies aimed at creating safer hiring, retention and termination practices.     Back to Services…